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Asian, cute, anime and personal blog。 Semi-Hiatus. Any questions feel free to ask me
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Go and give some love to Daku! She is the owner of cosplaywho  
a great, nice, beautifull and lovely girl!

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Hello everyone!!! As a very late birthday gift to all my amazing followers, I’m hosting my very first (and very kindly sponsored) giveaway for $40 worth of store credit to Cuteharajuku!! 

UPDATED (7/22/14): You can also use this store credit at their sister stores, Fashion Kawaii and Asian Fashion Space!!

Let’s start with the details!!


  • Begins 7/3/2014
  • Ends 9/1/2014


  • MUST BE FOLLOWING ME (OJOUU).Your entries will not count if you don’t, and you’ll be automatically disqualified from this as well as other giveaways. Don’t follow just for the giveaway, either — you’ll be disqualified from future giveaways for this too.
  • Both likes and reblogs count and you can reblog daily for extra entries!!
  • You must enter HERE, otherwise I won’t be able to count any of the above entries!!
  • Complete anything else you may wish to listed in the above giveaway link for further entries!!


Just some of them are listed here, and there are more chances to win on the giveaway page!!


Items in the above picture: [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ]

Don’t forget that if you’d like to make a purchase of your own to use the discount code “ojouu” at Cuteharajuku, Fashion Kawaii and Asian Fashion Space for 10% off your whole order at any of these wonderful stores!! 

If there are any questions feel free to message me here!! Good luck to everyone and I thank you all for being such amazing followers!! 

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                                                                    F a i r y

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Hello there!
I know I’ve been a little inactive here, a lot has happened, and more importantly I have away from this place is that a couple of days ago a my close family member passed away.

That aside, about the giveaway, and the winner received the money from me. You may wonder why money and no prizes? If you read the faq of SpreePicky you will see that they only send items to the address are in the paypal account, if bought directly prizes (from different stores) would have to pay the shipping to send all the winner. So in the end, the winner and we agreed that I would send him the money via paypal, and so could buy the products, and the winner it is up to spend the money on the same prizes or not.

The winner is: Marry M.I not put the link of her blog because she asked me not to put it,And I agree with this, if she changes her mind, I’ll put it.

Well thank you all for participating in my giveaway, and try to be more active here. Again thanks a lot ~!

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Princess Susanna check embossed shirt dress $24.99 
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Blog under construction.

Giveaway extra

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